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Since our founding eight years ago, we have specialized in executive search of exclusively women for management and board positions. We work industry-independently.

The recruitment and selection strategy of many executive agencies does not (often unintentionally and unconsciously) take sufficient account of the motives and motivations of women.

Women experience the mission, style, signature and approach of & Female Capital as personal, accessible and sympathetic. Based on this experience, good women report to us every day if they are open to another position. & Female Capital has a different profile and signature than regular agencies. Not only do we work ‘assignment-driven’, female candidates also often approach us with the request to guide us in their career. After a good conversation and analysis about possibilities and wishes, we investigate which clients suit the candidate. These clients are then actively approached to discuss a possible match.

& Female Capital has an up-to-date portfolio of (top) women and an extensive network within various disciplines such as the VNO NCW Women’s Network and is affiliated with SER Top Women and SER Diversity and Inclusion.

The two partners Henriette Verbeem and Frank van Veen always carry out all assignments together as a tandem. Henriette is active in all women’s networks, does the research and search, makes the first contacts and interests and enthuses (potential) candidates. As a selection psychologist, Frank is responsible for the follow-up process: the interviews, selection and presentation of the candidates to the clients. We are supported in our work by a number of (flexible) employees and consultants, but all personal contacts with (potential) and clients are handled by the two partners themselves. We often hear that candidates and clients feel taken seriously. Our short lines of communication with clients and candidates allow us to act and respond quickly.

& Female Capital takes its profession and responsibility seriously. We do not want and cannot be a ‘CV pusher’. We always ensure that you are well briefed about the organization and position. About hard and soft facts. So that our candidates get a good picture from this information and an (initial) feeling can arise. The candidate goes with. & Female Capital determine whether the position and organization may be interesting.

Coaching our candidates throughout the entire recruitment and selection process, including the first six months after placement with the client, is therefore an important part of our approach. This is not only highly appreciated by our candidates, but it also makes it possible to make adjustments during the first six months if certain things are not going well or need improvement.

  • Female talent

    "Top female talent is present in sufficient numbers, but needs to be approached, selected and guided in a different way."

  • Mixed leadership

    "More than half of the CEOs and Managing Directors indicate that they would like to be able to connect more female talent to their organization in order to have 'mixed leadership'."

  • Responsible functions

    "Until now, despite all the recurring discussions, it is often not possible to appoint talented women to positions with final responsibility."

  • Distinctive and effective

    "That is why & Female Capital has developed a unique method that distinguishes itself from regular executive search firms with a different and distinctive style and more effective approach, more accessible and valued by women."

  • Executive Search Code Talent to the Top

    "& Female Capital has signed the so-called 'Executive Search Code Talent to the Top'. As an executive search firm that only mediates female candidates, we naturally support efforts to include more women in the nomination processes for executive positions."

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