Partners and associates

Drs. Henriette Verbeem, partner

After obtaining her propaedeutic diploma in Psychology, she graduated in Communication Sciences. She started her career in the advertising world, later working as a Conference Manager, Marketing and PR Manager at Voorlichtingsbureau Brood, Marketer and Corporate Account Manager at KPN. Henriette then consciously made the switch to the world of charities (CSR); the Dutch Red Cross where she was Head of Corporate Fundraising and at Cordaid as Brand Manager.

Henriette also worked as a Marketing teacher and Healthy Lifestyle Researcher at The Hague University of Applied Sciences for a few years. She has also done various volunteer work, such as Ambassador at the Community Center of the Future and Chairman of HDM and Society within the hockey club HDM in The Hague. Henriette is a networker par excellence with a large network of organizations and top female talent. She is a member of various women’s networks. Within & Female Capital, Henriette is responsible for the research activities and initial contacts with female candidates within the executive search arm and also for the integral implementation of complete D & I campaigns. She is also a trainer, trainer and coach.

Henriette has been a partner at & Female Capital since 2018.

Drs. Frank van Veen, partner

Graduated in organizational and selection psychology. He started his career as a conscripted reserve officer (ROAG) at the Ministry of Defence, Personnel Directorate of the Royal Netherlands Army, Behavioral Sciences Department, where he worked as a psychologist-researcher. Was Manager Human Resources at Mercedes-Benz Nederland, Manager of the International Management Trainee Program at Mercedes-Benz AG in Stuttgart and Manager Human Resources at Mercedes-Benz United States International Inc in Tuscaloosaa, Alabama (USA).

He then became a partner at assessment and recruitment agency Holtrop/HWS Management Search and interim director at Interselect. Frank has years of experience in various international Human Resources line functions, psychological assessments, recruitment and executive search and with the assessment, composition and guidance of various management and board teams.

Within & Female Capital, Frank is responsible for the executive search arm and the interviews with all candidates. He is also responsible for the integral implementation of complete D & I campaigns. He trains and coaches men to be more open to gender diversity and inclusion and also challenges them to discover and use their feminine qualities (more).

Frank founded & Female Capital in 2015 in order to contribute to a transition towards more diversity and inclusion in organizations. This makes organizations better and stronger and the work culture and collaboration a lot more fun and constructive.

Drs. Masha Trommel, partner

With a financial background (business economics), Masha spent the first years of her career working in the financial sector. After a number of years, she left that sector to follow her heart and let the do-gooder in her determine the course. She started working as director of the Monkey Business Foundation, an organization that is committed to protecting the Orangutan and its habitat: the primeval forests of Sumatra and Borneo.

Tipping points that Masha has achieved there include: the extension of paternity leave from 2 days to 6 weeks, quota law for listed companies, the law for unequal pay and (almost) free childcare.

At & Female Capital, Masha is responsible for the integral implementation of complete D & I programs. She is also a trainer, trainer and coach. She has been a partner at & Female Capital since 2023. Her mission is to contribute to a world in which feminine and masculine values are valued equally.

Joran Vriens, IT and office manager

With a background in Artificial Intelligence (Utrecht University), Joran does not shy away from any job related to IT (websites, software, hardware, etc.). That is why he is widely deployed at & Female Capital. He also has a passion for helping private individuals in our contemporary digital world, which he achieves as a self-employed person. He cycles through Utrecht and the surrounding area every day on his racing bike. Thanks to his strong rationale, technical insight and dexterity, he knows how to get any job done, whether it concerns IT or not.

Eva Schokkenkamp, research consultant

Eva is mainly concerned with database analyses, keeping them up to date and assisting partners in their research activities. With her technical knowledge and hands-on experience, she offers partners clear insights about candidates and business connections. In addition to her job as a research consultant, she is completing her master’s degree in Movement Sciences at the Vrije Universiteit of Amsterdam. In her spare time she likes to be creative, and is especially inspired by Middle Eastern culture. She enjoys cooking Middle Eastern dishes and has started learning the Arabic language.

  • Female talent

    "Top female talent is present in sufficient numbers, but needs to be approached, selected and guided in a different way."

  • Mixed leadership

    "More than half of the CEOs and Managing Directors indicate that they would like to be able to connect more female talent to their organization in order to have 'mixed leadership'."

  • Responsible functions

    "Until now, despite all the recurring discussions, it is often not possible to appoint talented women to positions with final responsibility."

  • Distinctive and effective

    "That is why & Female Capital has developed a unique method that distinguishes itself from regular executive search firms with a different and distinctive style and more effective approach, more accessible and valued by women."

  • Executive Search Code Talent to the Top

    "& Female Capital has signed the so-called 'Executive Search Code Talent to the Top'. As an executive search firm that only mediates female candidates, we naturally support efforts to include more women in the nomination processes for executive positions."

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