Vision and mission

& Female Capital wants to contribute to a world in which feminine and masculine values are equal. If these are assessed as equal and are no longer one-sidedly attributed to women or men, then both men can be empathetic and caring and women can show their decisiveness, assertiveness and ambition. All this in the realization that the sum of female and male leadership qualities makes a team, department, business unit and ultimately the entire organization very strong.

We strongly believe in the indissoluble cohesion between men and women in gender-balanced management and executive teams. We would also like to bring about a change in mentality among our clients.

Together with our clients, we would like to work towards a better ratio between men and women at the top.

& Female Capital aims for a 50/50 split at the top.

  • Female talent

    "Top female talent is present in sufficient numbers, but needs to be approached, selected and guided in a different way."

  • Mixed leadership

    "More than half of the CEOs and Managing Directors indicate that they would like to be able to connect more female talent to their organization in order to have 'mixed leadership'."

  • Responsible functions

    "Until now, despite all the recurring discussions, it is often not possible to appoint talented women to positions with final responsibility."

  • Distinctive and effective

    "That is why & Female Capital has developed a unique method that distinguishes itself from regular executive search firms with a different and distinctive style and more effective approach, more accessible and valued by women."

  • Executive Search Code Talent to the Top

    "& Female Capital has signed the so-called 'Executive Search Code Talent to the Top'. As an executive search firm that only mediates female candidates, we naturally support efforts to include more women in the nomination processes for executive positions."

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