Why only female candidates?

The proportion of women in top positions is growing, but it is behind its objectives. The Social Economic Council (SER) has now advised the Dutch government on an integrated approach with more robust measures. 

The Netherlands has opted for a statutory target to achieve a better balance between men and women in supervisory positions. On December 3, 2019, the House of Representatives voted for a motion to fully adopt the SER’s advice on Diversity in the Top, time for acceleration, and thus also for a binding women’s quota of 30% for supervisory boards of listed companies. The Dutch Female Board Index 2020 indicates that of the 94 listed companies, 51 now meet the proposed legal quota of at least one-third woman. However, 43 listed companies fail. Due to all the publicity about the statutory target figure, there is more attention within companies for the m / f diversity policy. Many companies choose to also aim for this figure of at least one-third woman for the top of their company and the number of women in management positions and choose to specifically look for female candidates. More and more family businesses are also looking for female supervisory directors and management / board positions. Management and executives are integrating female members because of their team-oriented work attitude. By placing, more women in top positions/roles who take the ultimate responsibility for decisions, this will also indirectly improve the quality of men. Various companies are performing better, says Ingrid Thijssen, Chairman VNO NCW.

Henriette Verbeem bij & Female Capital
  • Female talent

    'With so much potential female talent, the Netherlands do not need legal quota for management and executive functions.'

  • Mixed leadership

    'More than half of the CEOs and Managing Directors indicate that they would like to integrate more female talent into their organisation in order to get a ‘mixed leadership'.'

  • Top management positions

    'Until now, even though the issue is discussed over and over again, somehow the female talents do not make it into top management positions.'

  • Distinct and efficient

    'That's why & Female Capital developed an unique approach: distinct, efficient, accessible and highly appreciated by women.'

  • Code Executive Search Talent naar de Top

    '' & Female Capital has signed the so called ‘Code Executive Search Talent naar de Top’. As an executive search firm that focusses exclusively on female candidates, we naturally endorse the commitment to include more females in the selection processes for executive positions.'

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