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& Female Capital is a leading executive search agency that consciously places women exclusively in order to contribute to more diversity at the top of organizations in the Netherlands. There are various reasons why the percentage of women at the top in the Netherlands is significantly behind. One of the reasons for this is that the recruitment, selection strategy and approach of agencies and organizations (often unintentionally and unconsciously) does not take sufficient account of women's motives. (Top) women find the mission, style, signature and approach of & Female Capital accessible and empathic. That is why (top) women register with & Female Capital on a daily basis if they are looking for another position. & Female Capital has an up-to-date portfolio of (top) women, an extensive network within various forums of top women, such as & Female Capital signed the Executive Search Code of Talent to the Top years ago. One of the spearheads of the Executive Search Code in the pursuit of a more inclusive company is to improve male / female diversity, not only across the board, but also at the top. If you strive for real diversity and thus have an influence on decision-making, this will only succeed with a critical mass on the board of at least 30 to 40 percent women. Both the longlist and the shortlist of our candidates therefore only consist of women. & Female Capital guides its candidates intensively throughout the entire process. More than a million women in the Netherlands indicate that they want to move up the ladder: several hundred thousand women aspire to have a more responsible position in management.

  • Female talent

    'With so much potential female talent, the Netherlands do not need legal quota for management and executive functions.'

  • Mixed leadership

    'More than half of the CEOs and Managing Directors indicate that they would like to integrate more female talent into their organisation in order to get a ‘mixed leadership'.'

  • Top management positions

    'Until now, even though the issue is discussed over and over again, somehow the female talents do not make it into top management positions.'

  • Distinct and efficient

    'That's why & Female Capital developed an unique approach: distinct, efficient, accessible and highly appreciated by women.'

  • Code Executive Search Talent naar de Top

    '' & Female Capital has signed the so called ‘Code Executive Search Talent naar de Top’. As an executive search firm that focusses exclusively on female candidates, we naturally endorse the commitment to include more females in the selection processes for executive positions.'

Frank van Veen

Frank van Veen

Henriette Verbeem

Henriette Verbeem


Personal commitment and involvement of both partners in each assignment. Together, we have over 45 years of experience and an extensive network of female talents.

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